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Deaton Investment Real Estate has systemized the marketing process for multi-family investment properties. Our multi-targeted system creates competition among buyers so you receive the highest price from the most qualified and capable buyer in the market. Since 1981 Deaton has sold more than $1 billion worth of apartments across North Carolina.

We will be happy to provide an opinion of value for your property.

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The Deaton Approach

Deaton combines technology, privatized marketing platforms, and decades of relationships to expose every listing to national and local buyers. B & C properties will often require a broker capable of communicating the business proposition that a property presents. Deaton can tell that story to the market and help you attract the right buyer.

Unlike many apartment brokers, we offer co-brokerage commissions to encourage other brokers and their buyers to consider your property. This reinforces our strategy to use competition to the benefit of the seller.